About Us

Locksmith Sacramento Team

The services available with 24 Hr locksmiths and associates are top quality, placing them at the forefront of the locksmith industry.

We and our associates are not only committed to excellence, but work hard to ensure this shows through our work. The trained professionals we work with go through background checks, and are all licensed, bonded and insured.

Our clientele consists of anything from private home owners to hospitals, large commercial ventures, and small local businesses. We and our associates strive to provide the best residential, commercial and automotive emergency locksmith services, no matter how simple or complex. Our work consistently creates customer loyalty, as each situation is solved in a way that best fits client needs.

24 Hr locksmith and associates are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We and our associates work with advanced software systems to help us answer calls as quickly as possible.

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Sacramento locksmith and associates offer a special lock and key service to realtors for all locksmith real estate needs, as well as many other commonly needed services:

  • Key codes for banks
  • Lock & key repair and maintenance
  • Spare key services
  • R.E.O specialist services
  • Personal billing options
  • Remote control services
  • Special realtors’ rates
  • Lock box installation
  • Fast response time
  • Programming of Lock box code
  • Property photos (inside and out)
  • Re key locks

These services can even be provided without an agent on site for special accounts.

We at 24 Hr locksmith make it a point to ensure you receive a professional, affordable, high quality service, as do the technicians we work with. It takes only 30 minutes from the moment you call or a trained technician to arrive at your Sacramento location and help you with anything from advanced security programs to simply creating a new key. These technicians carry state of the art, sophisticated technology and tools that prepare them for any type of situation.

We and our associates believe that the key to our success is precision and commitment. Our beliefs and work ethic have made us our associates one of today’s leading locksmith services providers in the industry. Save the number for 24 Hr locksmith and associates for an emergency- you won’t regret it.